English after school club

Letras de colores

Any idea that learning English is difficult applies only to adults, who probably learned the language academically at later ages and through grammar books. However, children learn languages in a natural and unconscious way, contrary to what happens with adolescents and adults, since they have the ability to imitate pronunciation and elaborate the rules of the language for themselves. That is why, for this learning to be easy and lasting, we need it to start as early as possible in childhood. In addition, children who learn a language at an early age, and unconsciously, are much more likely to present a better pronunciation and to feel more in the totality of the language and culture.

In SMILES we work through a full immersion educational program, in which the language to be learned is used as a vehicular language. This means, English is not taught as a subject, but instead, through dynamic sessions our students play, sing and participate in the different activities using English as a working language. At these early ages children are still using their innate sense and learning strategies in their mother tongue, and soon begin to use these same strategies to learn the new language.

We offer small groups, and our sessions are taught by bilingual teachers.

Do not wait any longer and give your child the great gift of learning English in an easy and fun way!

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